Attractions in Diglipur

Ruggedly beautiful, Diglipur has its own share of world-class natural wonders.

Ross and Smith Islands

A pair of beautiful islands connected together by a 50-metre-long sand bar. A half-hour boat ride (permitted entry only) from Aerial Bay Jetty takes you to the pristine sands of Ross and Smith Islands. A walk on the sandbar on a Full moon night is an ecstasy ride of lifetime. The pair of islands is home to untamed wide virgin beaches, offering shallow swimming area on one side and best dive and snorkelling sites on the other.

ALFRED caves

These Mystical connected and Separated series of 22 unexplored caves have baffled many an explorer. These Caves are amongst the least explored and understood places, but indeed they are among the most beautiful places on earth.

Saddle Peak

A range of lush every green forest territory with 13 indigenous birds species, 36 indigenous species of insects, 6 species of indigenous trees , this place is rich bio-diverse nature paradise. Saddle peak is not only a popular for trekking/nature trail through the rain forest standing 732 meters tall, it is also the highest point in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Kalpong, the only river of Andaman islands flows through this forest and also boasts the very first hydroelectric project of the islands.

Diglipur Island - How to Reach ?

Diglipur (325 Kms. By Road And 185 Kms. By Sea)

Diglipur is the largest and farthest town located in the North Andaman Islands. It is more like a division or a county. It is 325 kms by road and 185 kms by sea from Port Blair which means a road trip might take the whole day. Yet, the beauty of Diglipur makes the escapade from the daily routines to this pristine place a worthy holiday.

Diglipur is a hub of a lot of tourist activities and attractions. Eco-friendly tourists flock in large numbers on the island for its abundant forest cover & marine life. Diglipur not only promises a rich flora and fauna but is also famous for its orange and rice production. There are a whole lot of places to explore in and around Diglipur.

You can reach Diglipur by BUS / FERRY / HELICOPTER

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Craggy Island

Spread over just half -a-kilometer, Craggy Island is located a swim away from our Pristine Resort. Guests can have a great time simply sun basking or snorkeling its crystal clear waters that are clear that you can see schools of fish directly under the pier. And to make your experience more heavenly we also organize Candle Lit Dinner on its small beautiful beach stretch.

Mud Volcano

A chain of MUD VOLCANO is what one could witness in the midst of the thick tropical jungle of SHYAM nagar.

Kalipur Beach

Located half -an-hour ahead of Diglipur, the marvelous Kalipur beach. is an ideal Turtle Nesting Ground and is the only beach in the world, where four species of Sea Turtles, Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawks Bill and Green Turtles call their home.

You can reach Diglipur by BUS / FERRY / HELICOPTER

Shipping Services available on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 0600 am from Port Blair and leaves Diglipur on Tuesday 06 am and Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm. Monday it leaves Port Blair at 06 am via Mayabunder on Monday and leaves Diglipur on Tuesday at 06 am.